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Hi everyone! I did something completely life changing, and possibly life saving, that I have to share with you. So I’ll just get right to it.

I have a friend that I met while I was hospitalized. He and his parents were in a horrible,  devastating car accident.  They were hit from the side in an intersection. Unfortunately, his parents died instantly, and my friend is permanently paralyzed. My friend was 19, no longer a minor.  The doctors would not speak with his grandmother because of the strict HIPPA laws. No one had been authorized in writing to make medical decisions for him. As a result of the delay in medical treatment, my friend ended up paralyzed and suffered  from severe brain trauma. One simple, inexpensive document could have SAVED this tragedy from occurring! That is why I have made it MY responsibility to share this with as many people as I can.

There are 3 easy to fill out forms below that will ensure you will have no issue getting the care and support you need. I sleep better at night knowing I have it, and I am trying to share the importance of this with the world!

KINFO has made 3 key documents available:

  1. HIPAA Release Form:   permits healthcare providers to disclose medical information to designated individuals, such as parents or trusted guardians.
  2.  – Durable Health Care Proxy:  allows the signer to appoint an “Agent” to review all medical information and make medical decisions on the signer’s behalf IF the signer is unable to.
  3. Durable Financial Power of Attorney:  enables the signer to appoint an “Agent” to take care of business and legal decisions on the signer’s behalf if the signer becomes incapacitated or is traveling domestically or abroad.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Click here!

Use code HEALTHDOC for 10% discount.

Up until you were 18 years old, you could count on your parents helping you with almost anything. If you got sick, they talked to the doctors and decided what was best for you. If you were in trouble with money or the law, they figured out how to get you out of it. But after your 18th birthday, your parents and loved ones can’t automatically help because of laws like HIPAA which prevents YOUR  medical information from being disclosed to EVEN your own family, parents, guardians, sister, grandmother, etc. Imagine in a real emergency, if your family, was NOT able to talk to the doctors and make decisions about your MEDICAL care.

We never think we are going to be that one in a million, crazy story. But anything can happen to anyone. If you were, God forbid, in a situation that you could not speak for yourself, the doctors would NOT tell your loved ones anything. My friend and his parents were JUST going out to a Sunday family dinner. He never expected the tragedy that occurred. I know it’s not an easy subject to talk about, but it is necessary to do what we can to be prepared.

This is an easy way to give you and your family some peace of mind that you will not be alone if the unthinkable happens. My own mother is filling out the forms and using my code above! I was so upset to find out she did not have it. I know a lot of you out there are going to college, and in many instances will be far away from home for the first time. Start the conversation. Talk with your aging grandparents, great uncle, your family, teachers, doctors, friends or daughter/son in their 20s who is living alone for the first time, and ask them if they have this. If they don’t, tell them to get it here. KINFO Use code HEALTHDOC for 10% discount.

Please take the time to do this! It could save your life!

© Samantha Sloves 2019

I am not a lawyer and am not giving out legal advice.

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