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Am I in love?

Why do we associate self-love with physical characteristics rather than the inside? Are we even aware of our worth? We should be. But are we?

Is it fair to suggest that we love ourselves? All the time. Is that possible? If it was is that even healthy?

Do we feel that way about ourselves? The real question is do you feel that way right now.

I sincerely love you.

“I love myself. I am happy with myself and who I am right now.”

Society has taught us to be unappreciative of minor flaws such as scars, freckles, additional body layers, and undesired hair.

Instead of accepting who and what we are and have become since we were children, we continuously compare ourselves to others.

Why do we think of self-love in terms of our outside selves rather than our inner selves?

When women experience premature greying, they rush to the salon. Men can no longer participate in the sports they once did as adolescents so as they grow older, golf has become the new baseball. Though that should be acceptable it’s talked down to as the Sunday elderly sport.

Why do we compare ourselves to others, as well as our prior selves? What about our younger selves? Why do we set such high expectations for ourselves only to be let down? 

How do you create a healthier and deserving sense of self-worth while pushing yourself to grow? 

I’m discovering how crucial it is to value every facet of yourself. 

I’m learning how important it is to value every version of yourself. I’ve equated lifestyle influences with self-love and body image for far too long, and I’ve held them in high respect.

It only served to hurt me in the end. Regardless of your weight or denim size, you — YOU are gorgeous, DESERVING of love, joy, and healthiness. Please keep this in mind.

I understand how difficult it is to keep a sense of self at all times. We’ve all gotten lost at some point. We lose sight of our true selves. 

We — humans — started in the wilderness with nothing but a blank slate. Lost. Now that we’ve found ourselves, we must take advantage of this and grow exponentially and genuinely try to understand who we are and who we have the potential to become.

Let’s take a second to think.

What aspects of our lives molded us into the individuals we are now?

Someone I truly admire recently posed a question to me.

I found it difficult to respond. I thought about it a lot. This is a matter that I feel everyone should consider at some point in life.

It helps you define what has led you to where you are now. It serves as a reminder of who you are and how you arrived at this point.

What are your core values?

What personal sacrifices did you make to become the person you are now? Please give it some consideration before you respond. 

What are your core values? 

Don’t answer right away. You probably weren’t being fully honest or thoughtful if you gave a one-second answer.

Take a moment to reflect on your most enraged moment when you’ve been betrayed the most. Your fundamental ethics are being called into question at this stage.

When you can’t get over something that happened fifteen years ago, you know your morals have been crossed. We all have two or three guiding ideals that define us. Themes that follow us throughout our time. What exactly are they?

Your fundamental beliefs will guide you in remaining loyal to yourself and others no matter how old you are or what life throws at you.

I encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments area below. I’m giving love, positivity, and good vibes to everyone. I am wishing everyone a beautiful and safe new year.

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