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Global Lyme Alliance has played a vital role in shaping me, not only by assisting me in finding Lyme specialists that were instrumental to my treatment but by supporting me when I felt alone. I’m elated to be a member of their community and help raise awareness for the Global Lyme Alliance.

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To date, the Global Lyme Alliance has provided nearly $13 million in funding for Lyme and tick-borne illness research. GLA-funded initiatives have resulted in ground-breaking advancements in tick-borne preventing disease, detection, and treatments.
GLA-funded researchers have deciphered the Lyme genome, established how the illness may resist antibiotic therapy, and learned a lot more about how the Lyme bacteria differs from other infections.


If you are struggling to find a doctor or the right understanding of what Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses are they have fantastic resources. I have provided the links below.

I am NOT a licensed professional or health care provider. I am just someone who received help from their expertise.

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