2014… Life IS NOT the same POST-2014?

I can not believe the damage a tick bite did to me. The poppy seed-sized bug could cause an earthquake effect on you. When I became ill, my genetics conspired against me. I gained an entirely different outlook on life and the world. When you’re sick, especially if you’re in a wheelchair, people approach you differently.
I am glad to have not only survived but also to have evolved into the person I am today.

Chief intentions of trapped

“Although the primary intent of this website is to demonstrate what it is like to undergo treatment from the patient’s perspective, it is not intended to provide medical advice. Instead, the videos are composed of short, easy-to-watch segments where the doctor explains the science behind it, accompanied by Samantha, who speaks as a patient who has experienced it, detailing what it is like behind closed doors.”

How do you support the patient? 
Are you a friend? Sibling? Family? Spouse?
Treatment Options: 
How does it really feel about going through the treatment from a patient’s point of view?
Patient Care & Advocacy:
To promote recognition among those who have yet to be PROPERLY diagnosed and the severity of TICK BORNE DISEASES

I, Samantha, want to Build a community

In the absence of a proper patient-centered, patient-run accessible advocacy, patients and their families lack access to information about Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses from initial symptoms to diagnosis, treatment, and living. I want to change that.

Samantha Sloves