Care & Advocacy

What is most imperative for patients? What do the patients really need that is not being spoken about enough?

Get the facts right:

Patients and their families do not have access to factual information about chronic Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and living with these debilitating illnesses. 

I was hijacked

“I can barely recognize myself some days. It feels like my body has been hijacked. So much is different… I realized it is essential to try to look better than you feel, it is so easy to let yourself go and fall into a rut and not care at all. … Make that effort as exhausting and hard as it is, it’s worth it!! You are worth it. Do not fall into the disease, do not let it own you. This is NOT about looks it is about staying YOU.”

Tell me about the cures!

The limited amount of published data available on tick-borne illness prevalence and the multiple obstacles to accessing the studies being done on possible cures.


The goal is to raise awareness about the severity of TICK BORNE DISEASES.


To promote recognition among those who have yet to be PROPERLY diagnosed. Participate in discussions with anyone diagnosed with ANY TICK BORNE DISEASES.