Hey there!

I know how hard and overwhelming it can be to go through misdiagnoses and the relief one feels when finally reaching your diagnosis. Let’s talk about it.

I have interviewed a wide variety of world-renowned doctors, some of whom have treated me and others who have not, but who have been highly regarded. 

The videos covered a wide range of topics, various treatments, including spirituality as a means of supporting a loved one who is ill.

I’m diagnosed now what?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the large number of choices available to you? 

You are not alone. I am here to help.

Treatment Options: 

How does it really feel to go through the treatment from a patient’s point of view?

ask yourself:

Why am I on these drugs or herbs?  Do I need them do I feel sicker or better on them?

Make sure that your doctor explains why the drugs are necessary and why the herbs are so valuable for your improved health. Most people don’t know why they have been prescribed medications and just take them blindly. Be sure to learn the reasons behind the prescription.