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Am I in love?

I understand how difficult it is to keep a sense of self at all times. We’ve all gotten lost at some point. We lose sight of our true selves.

We started in the wilderness with nothing but a blank slate. Lost. Now that we’ve found ourselves, we must grow exponentially and genuinely understand.

My Sweet 16 with Trump and Pantsuits

What’s important is that you are able to adjust to whatever experiences life throws your way, and make them work for you. This is important in life, in business, in friendships, in relationships, for your health, for everything. You cannot control what happens in life, but you can adjust your reaction, goals, timeline, support system,…

What’s Worse: an Addict or an Oversharer?

PATIENT: Screw the numbers, I stubbed my toe yesterday and was down for the count for over 65 minutes. What the hell is going on with that doc? I haven’t even hit the big 3-0 yet. What’s going on? I was rethinking a lot of things during those 65 minutes in my kitchen.

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