HOW ARE YOU? We are asked this all the time, casually.  Though never really a genuine how are YOU? Are you taking care of yourself? Taking time for yourself?

If you were asked a few follow up questions from “how are you” on a scale of 1-5 what would your answer be? No one knows your answers but you. Now, no one knows what you are thinking or what any of your answers to the chart will be, but YOU.  Just think. How is life going?

Terrible. —–1—–2—–3—–4—–5—– Amazing.
Unhealthy. —–1—–2—–3—–4—–5—– Healthy.
Weak. —–1—–2—–3—–4—–5—– Strong.

Where I am at … my turn to answer the BIG question!

There are two sides of the spectrum. Two extremes. Somewhere in the middle?  Personally, I am solidly in the middle; my life is definitely not completely amazing, but it is getting there. I am not completely healthy, but I am much better than where I was. I still don’t have all of my strength back, but I am getting there. Emotionally I would say I am pretty strong. Life gave me no choice but to be strong, and I am working on getting more towards the right side of the spectrum daily.

Now back to you!
I know what you’re thinking…  what do I know? Your life isn’t perfect. I get it,  just hear me out ok? … Ok. Good, glad we had that chat.

If you are satisfied with your answers, great. Life is good for you.

If you are reading this,
shaking your head saying everything’s amazing, first you are lucky, second don’t take it for granted! Personally, I have never met anyone whose life is perfect. You would be my first. Enjoy it while it lasts! Do not forget to comment below and tell me your secret to the glorious life! (there’s a comment section for a reason).  

If your answers scored in the middle and you are thinking to yourself right now: very mediocre, my life has room for improvement, I hear you. I have been there. I still am there. Whether you’re struggling with depression, going through a divorce, relationship issues, have an illness, mourning a loss, or you’re just dealing with life, whatever it may be, take a second and breathe. Block out whatever “noise” you’re surrounded by, and just BREATHE. I know it is hard, trust me! Just try.

You have one body in this life, now let’s take care of it!

Somehow for many of us self-care is the first thing we take off our daily to-do list when we’re rushed for work, school, or a busy holiday season. OR when going through a crisis. We have one body in this lifetime, and we have to take care of it! I only know this from experience.

Unfortunately, it is common for mothers with a newborn, or people struggling with a chronic illness, depression, or the elderly, to have increased difficulties showering, getting out of the house, eating, socializing, doing laundry, going to the gym, etc. I know for me personally, when I was at my weakest, I made it a point every single day to get out of my pajamas. That may sound like no big deal to some people. But if you get me, ya get ME!

I was sick for four years. I learned how crucial it is to not start looking, how you feel.  I’ve done this quite a few times, and I am not proud of letting myself go. I will never do it again.

No matter what happens in your life, a lot of it is out of your hands. However, you can control how you react. Try to deal with it the best way you can. When going through troubling times, it is nearly impossible to stay positive all the time. I know this better than anyone … but I have learned that being negative gets you nowhere, so just try to be positive when you can. When you have an off day, you have an off day. It’s okay. You’ll get through the day. And whenever you want to cry, LAUGH! Here is why: because if you can’t laugh, you cry. Crying all the time is depressing. It is only going to make you more upset and give you wrinkles!  I know I sound like an annoying guru or therapist. I get it. I hate when people say this. Why do I think I am somehow different? Here is why:

I have been through hell and back. I am not perfect. I am not always positive. But I try my best to be. I learned that being negative is not changing anything. It is just going to make things worse-make you look bad, make the people around you feel worse. There is no point in being negative. Be positive. PLEASE know that there is always a way out! It may take longer and be hard, stressful, and annoying, but no matter what is stopping you from your complete happiness or being at ease in life, do not give up. There is an answer, and you will find it and get your freedom back. It may not be right away, or a magic pill overnight that we all hope and pray will be there tomorrow, but there will be something. I won’t stop until there is, and neither should you.

You shouldn’t stop until your day today was better than yesterday. It will come. You just have to believe and you will receive!

 © Samantha Sloves 2019


  1. Jackie

    Your words are strong and powerful.
    It makes me think about things we take for granted . Wishing you continued good health and happiness ❤️

    1. Nicole

      Hi Samantha, reading your blog was inspirational. You’re a talented writer! I knew your parents from Candy mountain day camp and remember when you were born. They must be very proud of you!

  2. Rob S

    Words of wisdom from the heart. “You shouldn’t stop until your day today was better than yesterday. It will come. You just have to believe and you will receive!”

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